You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You

Isaiah 26:3

“Christianity is like an adventure to discovering and unlocking new dimensions, treasures and revelations found in the Father’s love and nearness”



It's not about your history or your present condition. You can encounter the glory and magnificence of Christ's love and favor today. His love is relentless and it knows no end... 

Prophetic Word

"1080"A Season Of Deliverance And Giving Birth

I sense that we are entering into a season where deliverance and major births will take place in the body of Christ! The earth is pregnant with the true sons and daughters of God. For the time has come. Yes, the long- awaited time that Paul prophesied about in Romans 8:19-25. The earth has been moaning and groaning for ages, to see the true and confident sons and daughters of God arise. It is time!....

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“O Bride of Christ, you were born to trail-blaze new paths, create master inventions, and to love without limits."


You are created for love; to be loved. You have been handcrafted for intimacy with Jesus. You are made to have a love story that shines throughout the history of mankind.

Did you know…

You are created to rule & reign in the earth from your seat next to Jesus and our Father in Heaven?

Yes, every fibre of your being is designed to release Heaven on Earth! You were born to reveal His glory (His nature).

You were born for such a time as this to fulfill a major assignment on the earth for the Kingdom of Heaven. You were born to embark on an amazing adventure with Holy Spirit!

Destiny is calling! Hurry, come! Let’s embark on this supernatural journey together….!!!


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Let's press toward the mark of the High calling in Christ Jesus together, as we embark on daily adventures with Holy Spirit!!