Generals Arise! (Prophetic Word)

September 28, 2016

A message God placed on my heart 9/20/2016

God is calling for His generals to arise in every sphere of the earth. These generals represent the King and acts on His behalf. I saw these generals clothed in white as they carried the light of Jesus on the inside of their hearts. They have no hidden agendas but a pure and genuine heart of gold. They are rooted and grounded in truth. I see a long gold, sharp sword being carried in their hands. As they march, the sword is being swung in an upward motion toward the heavens. These generals are guarded by God’s waring angels. They are confident, refined and bold and on a God- assigned mission.

Arise generals, arise says the Lord. I have sent you to the earth for such a time as this on a mission. You will enter into the different spheres of the earth with truth on your lips. You will not be stunted or interrupted for you carry the fire of My anointing on your lips. You will speak without interruption. It is time for My Rhema word to reach the nations. Arise My generals and march onward and forward to the assigned destination I have given you for impact. Cloves of fire shall shape your garments; for I have adorned you with a new robe which represents an extension of My nature and character. Your garments are outlined with cloves of My fire and presence. You have been clothed anew and afresh for impact. A stratosphere realm of My glory you have accessed in which you received My new garment. Now is the time to move forward and spread My love to the unloved; My power to the captives and My truth to the blind. Unveil my truth within the earth. My people are hungry and crying out for more. Minister to them My “more”. I will move through you My vessels like never before. I will multiply your sling and stone to take down giants in the land you will enter as I did with David. Arise general arise! My peace I give to you. I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world says the Lord.


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