Eagle ARISE; It Is Time

January 10, 2017
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As you descend deeper into TRUE LOVE you will ASCEND in His peace that surpasses ALL understanding; you will become stronger and your faith will arise. You will soar! "The Journey from Head to Heart"
Don't stop there beloved; there is so much more in His love...It never ends!

"Oh How He loves us"

As you let go of more and more of your life in exchange for Jesus' love and truth, you will find yourself being immersed and submerged deeper into the depths of the Father's goodness, mercies, love and joy! His peace is so real!
You will maintain flight by trusting in Jesus and by keeping your thoughts, eyes and heart fixed on Him. Always meditate on His words and His goodness; He will transform you into His truth.

"Show gratitude to the King always"

Be obedient to His voice and just say yes to Him even when it's difficult to believe the impossible; He understands and knows our hearts. Continue to press into His love; His love will strengthen you to obey.

"By His Spirit"

He will turn your no (doubts and fears) into a real yes. He will do it for you over and over again because of His amazing love for us; His love is true and it has no conditions or strings attached.

Keep on saying yes to Jesus.

"Surrender Daily"

Don't question Him; don't worry. Don't think your way... Just believe in Jesus with all of your heart! He will strengthen and increase you in His perfect timing! "Endure the process of growth"

He really loves us! He is forever faithful; He will finish all He has started in us until the day of Jesus Christ.

Blog Post Written by Andrika Moss



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