A Vision of a Spreading Fire of LOVE

September 7, 2016








God's love is like a consuming fire
A vision from 21 May 2015
In this vision, I saw an image a large sun in the open sky that slowly began to transform into a huge fire ball. After the fireball was formed, it unexpectedly fell to the ground where many people stood and it began to spread like a wild fire. No one saw this fireball coming and neither did they expect to see it; it was sudden, dramatic and new. People who stood in the vicinity of the fireball when it first fell, immediately recognized it and they began to run for their lives. However, they were incapable of outrunning or escaping this wild fire because of its intense travel speed and power. The fire continued to spread, consuming everyone in its vicinity until all were completely consumed in it!
This fireball I believe is symbolic of the deep, contagious and powerful love of God which is often compared to being like a consuming fire.
God is love, and His word tells us in Hebrews 12:29 that He is like a consuming fire. Also, in Malachi 3:2-3, we are told about the Son of God being like a refiner's fire and like a launderers' soap Who will sit and purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver that they may offer the Lord an offering in righteousness for the day of His coming. So in this instance, the fire is for the refinement and purification of God's people in order for them to bring forth offerings in righteousness before Him that are pleasant to Him.
Another instance in the Bible where fire is referred to as something that came from Heaven is in 2 Chronicles 7:1 where fire came down from heaven, and consumed Solomon's burnt offering and sacrifices after he had finished praying to God; and the glory of the LORD filled the house. So on this occasion, the fire fell first and consumed the offering before the glory of God filled the house.
So the spreading fire in this vision represents the love of God. The running people in the vision who were consumed with the fire represents God's children including the ones who are already in the body of Christ and functioning as sons and daughters in relationship with God, the ones who have accepted Christ in seasons past but have strayed away from the gospel of truth and finally  the ones who are outside of the body of Christ who have not yet come to know Jesus personally as Lord and Savior but whose names are already written in the lambs book of life.
in this season everyone will know His love; it will spread like a wild fire consuming all mankind. God wants to use all who make themselves available as vessels to expose this love to those around us. He will show us this revelation, depth and truth of His love as we continue to spend time in His presence as this is the place where He will reveal truth without limits. He wants to give us all He has for us in this season but it is up to us how much we want and are willing to sacrifice in order to gain more of Him and everything He has to offer us.
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