Look up to the Heavens! It is Time to Remember (Extended Blog Post)

May 30, 2017

 “And at the end of the time I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to heaven and my understanding returned to me; and I blessed the Most High and praised and honored Him who lives forever” (Daniel 4:34)

Therefore tell the people: This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Return to me,' declares the LORD Almighty, 'and I will return to you,' says the LORD Almighty. (Zechariah 1:3)

June 2017 I believe, is a time for returning to our God in repentance and reflecting on His love for us and His mandate from Heaven on our lives for these last days. Come and journey with me as I share with you a few snippets from my adventures on a new job, where I learnt to connect with God amidst the daily hustle and bustle of the city life.

A New Job

So many things in this season have been SCREAMING OUT ALOUD for our attention. Well, I know I can speak for myself. Over the past few weeks, it has been like a fierce battle to focus my complete attention on Jesus. When I wasn’t working on the job or working on personal projects, I was being distracted by other minuscule tasks and situations that were screaming out aloud for my attention. Although my workload had increased tremendously over the past few weeks, I wasn’t about to lose focus from the One who truly matters; I was determined to fight to keep my eyes fixed on the Lover of my soul.

God is indeed up to something huge and amazing for His people; hence the increase in so many distractions. I encourage you to remain focused on Jesus at whatever cost, and steadfast in pursuing His heart

I made time to pray, meditate on scriptures and focus my thoughts on Jesus, but right after I would do this, I was faced once more with the hustle and bustle of the new work life that I had just recently entered. Yes, I had started a new job.

Major Adjustments, Beautiful Results

A new job definitely called for major adjustments to be made in my personal schedule and daily routine. I was willing to do whatever it took to make this new job work. It was a major challenge at first, adjusting to a new environment and daily routine. However, with God’s help, I was strengthened to transition more smoothly. Before I knew it, things were working together just perfectly.

This job was actually the first full- time job I’ve had since completing my college degree. As a full time college student and developing entrepreneur, I did not have sufficient time in the past to juggle both a full time or part time job, along with college studies. Nevertheless, after the way had been cleared, God miraculously opened this door of opportunity for me to get my feet wet in the workplace! He is so amazing!

From the onset, I was hired to work on a project with a company for 4 weeks. In a matter of about two weeks, I found myself adjusting, quite comfortably, to the overall new working environment. While learning new workplace ethics and techniques from my colleagues and directors on the job, God was teaching me some key tips and lessons on how to find Him and connect with Him amidst distractions, while in unfamiliar territory. 

For me, this job experience was not like a typical 9-5 "I Can't wait for lunch time" "Hooray it's 5:00!" kind of experience. It was more like an adventurous boot camp 101 class with Holy Spirit, where He coached and trained me to view the job life from His fall-proof or mistake- free- zone perspective, while learning to hear His voice more accurately. Being on this first job experience was quite frankly a significant time of pruning, serving and developing for me. I knew from the onset of accepting this new job opportunity, that I was in for an amazing adventure!

Don't Be afraid to journey into the unknown with Holy Spirit; He is calling to take you on an adventure today!

Contract Extension & Job Leave

One day during my second week on the job, while sitting at my desk occupied on a project, God informed me that my boss would soon extend my time on the job, before my 4 week contract was up. God instructed me ahead of time to accept and sign the contract extension form when it was presented to me. By the third week on the job, my boss requested for me to stay on the job past my 4 week contract, just as God had said! Can you imagine how excited I was to know that I was actually hearing God’s voice and not making this all up in my head?

So, my contract was extended to an additional 13 weeks. I was ecstatic and grateful for this opportunity, but most of all, I was in awe at God’s brilliance! Not too long after my contract had been extended, God told me that I was on the job for a specific purpose and that my time there will soon have to come to an end. I had to accept the reality of the matter, that I was just passing through this particular workplace for a season. God soon informed me that the company will again ask for me to stay on the job past my 13 week contract. However, this time He instructed me that to not stay on the job past my contracted day of leave. This was tough. I had gotten so attached to my co-workers and work environment yet I knew God had a greater purpose in mind for all of this; I just needed to trust Him. I knew in my heart that the time had come for me to take a leap in faith to further pursue the vision God placed on my heart. After all, He is a good Father with amazing plans in store for all of us who trust Him and believe.

It is Time! Don't be afraid to let go of your earthly securities, in order to take the next major step to your Destiny. Take a leap of faith to fulfill your purpose! Don't overstay your time in one place. Follow God's voice where ever He leads...

Call Me Sojourner

It wasn’t easy entering into a new work environment with new people and personalities, but it was definitely worth it. Many days it was flat out tough, and on some days, work was a breeze! My workload increased overtime as my work efficiency improved. On the rough days, God strengthened me and on the easy days, God never left me. He always seemed to remind me in some beautiful and mysterious way, that He was with me and that He understands.

I must say that during my 17 weeks on the job, I built a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus, despite the many distractions and trials I encountered along the way! I would always have to remind myself on the rough days, to be still, look up to the Heavens and to remember God’s love. It wasn’t until then, that I heard His Heavenly Whispers of Peace that snapped me right back into His reality.

During those 17 weeks on the job, I became more independent, matured and confident in the voice of God and in who God has called me to be. I began to hear God’s voice more clearly; He was training me in the most adventurous way! He would give me instructions to go to a particular location or to do something unusual, that He would later confirm to me after I had obeyed Him. These were some of the amazing “wow” moments that I experienced with God on the job! On my lunch breaks I would go on adventures with Holy Spirit to explore downtown, Bay Street as He led. He was teaching me to trust His voice to lead me in the right way, without the interference of others.


Distractions Increased…. What did I do wrong?

While on this new job adventure, yes I was getting so much closer to God and enjoying the working process, but it seemed like the more closer I got to God, the more I was faced with distractions. I soon realized that the things that were meant to be distractions, to throw me off course, were the things that threw me right into proper alignment with God’s ordained purposes for my life. I mean I had friends who I held dear to me pick up and leave suddenly without warning. A few doors of opportunity that presented itself to me, that I thought were God’s will for my life, never opened. I had people who I trusted and looked up to turn against me, and even began to work against me. Yes, this all sounds harsh, I know right? Well, I knew it was all for a special purpose. God began to reveal to me during this time, some things that were in my heart that I needed to get rid of, in order for me to draw more close to Him. I feel like during the month of May, God led me to a complete closure to the old season, in order for Him to untangle and reshape my heart fully to align more smoothly with His heart, for the new season ahead. I realized that the doors that were closed before me, and the ones that never opened, were not a part of God’s will for my life. Many times, we are unable to see the full picture, but God is all knowing and He knows what is best for each one of His children. It is never our place to question God, but rather, it is our duty to trust His wonderful heart! I felt isolated and overwhelmed at some points along the journey, by the workload I received, the difficult personalities I encountered and the trials I faced, but through it all, God was there to strengthen and remind me of His nearness. <3

Jesus is closer than the breathe we breathe

Jesus understands our struggles and He cares. Despite the many distractions we encounter on a day to day basis, whether minor or major, He knows our hearts and our desire to be near to Him and to know Him more. Don’t you dare worry, it’s is all a part of the process. As children of God, I believe that each step we take is a step closer to our destiny, once we continue to fight to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus during the process. After all, God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purposes.

The Transition to June 2017

I sat on the floor of my bedroom today (5/29/2017) to just breathe and intentionally focus on God’s love. I had no worship music on or any distractions; it was just me and Jesus. In fact, God instructed me not to play any music at all, but instead to allow His sound to be released from the depths of my heart. It was a beautiful time of stillness and reflection in His presence. You know, sometimes we just need to be reminded that Jesus is for us and that we belong to Him. We must find that quiet time in this season to meet with God in the secret place, to hear His heart beat and to hear the sound of Heaven; it is the only way we can properly function and effectively fulfill our purpose here on the earth.

As we transition into the month of June, I believe that God is calling us and giving us permission to be still, to separate our hearts from the noise and busyness of life and to seek Him like never before. He is calling for us to repent and to commune wholeheartedly with Him, to remember His love for us and to remember who we are in Him. In Daniel 4, king Nebuchadnezzar went through a season of remembering and returning to the truth and awareness of God’s kingdom ruler ship over all things. His process of unraveling was intense, however it brought him to a greater awareness of God’s presence and glory.

Heart check: What has God called me to do? Am I fulfilling my purpose as effectively as I should be? Does Jesus really have my undivided attention and devotion? Am I revealing the nature and Image of Jesus Christ? Have I learnt to love? These are some questions we all must take time to ponder upon in this season.If we desire for Heaven to come to earth in this season, or to see a massive revival of souls in this time, we must make time to bask in God’s presence, so that we can hear the sound of Heaven and live the sound of Heaven, in order for us to release it here on the earth. This is really not the time to get distracted. We must remain steadfast in our pursuit of Jesus. We must remember that we are seated in Heavenly places with our Father; it is from this place that we will rule and reign with Him in the earth.

Heaven is Coming

In order for Heaven to come to earth, God must first position and align our personal lives in His presence with His will. This is why we begin to experience so much repositioning, reconstruction and realignment in our lives, the minute we begin to pray from our hearts, “Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done on Earth just as it is in Heaven”. God immediately begins this beautiful process of alignment first in our personal lives, before He reveals His glory fully within the earth. So do not be afraid of the shaking. Your world is not falling apart; The Kingdom of Heaven is coming! Do not fight the shaking and do not try to escape the pressure. Do not run back to the past or remain in your comfort zone; keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and keep moving forward to follow His voice, wherever He leads. You are in the process of transitioning into your true purpose; you are moving closer to destiny! God is with you on this journey! Do not be afraid.

I believe that during this month, many will begin to feel a hunger building up in their hearts for deeper intimacy with Jesus, and for righteousness. Don't fight it. It is time to seek the Lord’s face like never before. It is time to surrender and to set all of our affections upon Jesus. It is time to remember the purpose for which God has sent us to earth to fulfill. 








May 30, 2017

Look up to the Heavens! It is Time to Remember (Extended Blog Post)

 “And at the end of the time I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to heaven and my understanding returned to me; and I blessed the Most High and praised and honored Him who lives forever” (Daniel 4:34) Therefore tell the people: This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘Return to me,’ declares the LORD Almighty, ‘and

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  1. I truly believe many distractions are placed in our path to thwart our journey towards God. How nice that you had a good experience in the workplace and were able to listen to God’s calling.

    1. Amen, so true! Yes indeed!
      God is so good to us all!
      He really helps us to refocus our full attention on Him alone so we can follow His voice amidst the distractions.
      God bless you <3

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