Nothing in All of Creation Can Separate us from the Love of Jesus...Romans 8:39

Quiet your Heart and Listen, as Jesus Whispers to you Sweet Words of Love..

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September 7, 2016

A Vision of a Spreading Fire of LOVE

              God’s love is like a consuming fire A vision from 21 May 2015 In this vision, I saw an image a large sun in the open sky that slowly began to transform into a huge fire ball. After the fireball was formed, it unexpectedly fell to the ground

August 22, 2016

Finding Balance in life

              How do I find balance in the midst of a ‘tug o’ war’? We all experience a familiar ‘tugging’ during our season of growth in our relationship with Jesus. Have you ever participated in a tug o’ war competition where two separate teams of people align themselves in

August 19, 2016

Our Father understands Our Struggles; Yes, He cares!

              I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed when I think of the matchless, incomparable, immeasurable and unconditional love of Jesus for us. I’m in tears just writing about it. My eyes were opened today to the revelation of God’s patience and love for us. We always read and speak

August 17, 2016

Get ready for an invasion of God’s love and glory that will shake the nations.

Evangelism like never before! I had a vision in August of last year that I just stumbled across in my writings and felt lead to share. In this vision God showed me various groups of people being overtaken by the evil of the world. The first group of people were in a dark dungeon- like

August 4, 2016

Access to a New Realm of God’s Glory

As I prayed in my room this week on the 2nd August in the evening, God showed me a huge “n” shaped or upside down “U” curved canopy in the color of gold that was illuminated with a glow or light. It was like an opening or a door that led to a new place.